Shoe Lifts Heel discomfort can be relieved through the use of shoe lifts. shoe lifts are designed to raise the heel of your foot upwards, which can treat many different conditions associated with injuries and illness that affect the foot and tendons surrounding the foot. Discomfort Treatment Heel discomfort that can be treated with the use of shoe lifts can be caused by illness or injury. Athletes with torn tendons and the natural shortening of the Achilles tendon can both be treated with shoe lifts, for example. Generally, a doctor or podiatrist will prescribe the lifts and their height to be used along with medications that can be used to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation at the site of the pain. shoe lifts are most typically used for patients with long term heel pain that isn’t related to a fall, but your doctor may decide that lifts are a good choice for treatment if your injury is severe. Pain that lasts for more than seven days should always be professionally evaluated to ensure the proper treatment methods are being used to minimize damage to the foot and tendons. Wearing shoe lifts Wearing shoe lifts to reduce foot discomfort does take a little time to grow accustomed to. The shoe lifts are usually 3 millimeters or less in height, so there isn’t a huge height difference to become accustomed to. You should have a set of these orthopedic devices for each pair of shoes that you own, including house shoes and sandals to allow for quicker healing times and less pain. Shoe lifts are very inexpensive to buy. You can purchase a set for less than $20 and have more comfortable shoes and less discomfort overall. If you have been experiencing discomfort that lasts for more than a week or so it is time to talk to your doctor about shoe lifts.



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